THIRTEEN  games played. Donald the Destroyer has bossed it all the way this season, winning by an unprecedented 5000+ points advantage (incl 5 1st places!).  Not only that…..he destroyed all comers in the Log Cabin Monday game too; a first ever double victory. We are not worthy……………..CONGRATS Donald!!

Next tourney is the “Bounty Night” and 1st game of the new season. Thursday 2nd 8.30pm start.

Reg from 8.15pm, cards in the air 8.30.

We are open for anyone who would like to try poker live.  Even if you’ve never played or aren’t sure of how to play; we’ll show you how (and it’s not really that hard).

Annual tournament

There will be a minimum requirement to have played a minimum of 24 games in the calendar year (Feb 2018 – Jan 2019), to register for the game.  Games played at the Auld Hoose can count towards this.  The amount of games each player has played towards this is beside their name in the “Q” column.

Qualifying List